About the age of 4, our children began asking the question, why? Anyone who has been around small children knows they will ask it over and over. Each time an answer is given, the response is “why?”

This one word question stands as one of the most difficult to answer. “Because I said so” does not satisfy enquiring minds.

Our country anticipated a deadline last week nearly leading to a shutdown of the government. The question on everyone’s mind was why?

Education administrators establish guidelines for the material and operation of classroom procedures. Students inevitably question why?

Are we surprised when God’s word is challenged? Why would God require baptism for salvation? Why does He require singing instead of mechanical instruments? Why should Christians give of their time, talent and money? Why is the church to be organized according to a Biblical pattern? Why?

Obviously, it is not the only question we need to ask. However, before any decision is made, leaders should ask why?

Why should we make this decision?
Why now?

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