The Great Divide…

…a location, the theme of numerous songs, the title of several movies, the focus of several books and even a flavor of ice cream.

The idea behind the Great Divide involves a span of distance physically, figuratively, and spiritually.

Abraham spoke of a great gulf separating the rich man and Lazarus, so no one could cross over from one side to the other.

Several areas arise to explain how a great divide is born and developed regarding spiritual leadership.

1) Pride: Nothing creates a greater division than pride. When people perceive a leader as proud or haughty, the message and leadership are no longer effective.
2) Selfishness: A focus on self develops nearsightedness. A self-centered spirit prevents a leader from seeing the possibilities in others and hinders growth.
3) Prejudice: Nations, families, and churches experience division over prejudice. To prejudge someone or a situation without proper information leaves a leader without good judgment.

The Great Divide can be an insurmountable barrier and destructive to our leadership. We must guard our words and actions to prevent the Great Divide

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