An echo is the sound reflected back from the surface of another object based on the right conditions. Its what you get back.

What is being reflected back in our leadership?
Are we listening to those entrusted to our leadership?
Do we know, understand, and meet the needs of the group?
Is there a spiritual focus or material emphasis to our purpose?
Look at the results of working the plan to reach our goals. What are we getting back?

What we get back will directly reflect what we are investing through our leadership. The very purpose of investing in our leadership is because of this echo.

The greater the investment, the greater the return. The joy of leadership is found in seeing the investment grow to greater dividends, knowing what we get back multiplies.

It is the law of harvest. The Bible speaks of reaping what we sow, if to the flesh, we reap corruption, but if to the spirit, then we reap eternal life. Now this is an echo worth the investment.

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