The idea is connected to nearly every sporting event and level. Teams with the best records begin a chess match of skill and execution to reach the final round of the playoffs. The two top teams then compete in pursuit of a championship.

Several qualities stand out with an organization in order to be crowned as a champion.

They must be a team. As many have said, no man is an island to himself. People must work together for a common purpose in order to win.

They must be dedicated. Dedication is a quality of commitment to the task or purpose. When the goal is clear, people are committed, and plans are executed properly, victory awaits.

There must be ability. The ability of people must be matched to the needed role. Combining role and ability encourages the morale of everyone involved.

There must be leadership. Teamwork, dedication and ability alone are not enough. People need someone to provide leadership.

We are in a spiritual playoff. We are a team, dedicated, and abounding in ability. The need is for spiritual leaders to step up and provide the missing link.

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