Does Everyone Know?

Who is really leading? Do you know? Does everyone know?

While this question may sound strange, it really appeals to the importance of our consideration.

Too often we think the one who is up front is leading. Is it the one who makes the decisions? Maybe we think the one with the title is leading. Perhaps it is the one who claims to be in charge. Again, do we know who is leading? Does everyone know?

While it may be obvious, the one who exercises influence is leading. It may not be the one up front, or one making decisions, or one with a title, or someone who claims to be in charge.

The individual people turn to and ask questions when there is concern, this is the one who is leading.

If we do not know who is leading, then we need to look around and observe. As one has said before, if we think we are leading and no one is following, then we are simply taking a walk.

Are you leading? Does everyone know?

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