Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back…

…is a common phrase that obviously emphasizes a lack of progress. It is impossible for someone to go two steps forward, then three steps back and move ahead.

For leaders today, the idea of moving forward is vital to the development of the overall program in reaching the goal.

How do we prevent the idea of taking two steps forward and then three steps back?

1) Know with certainty the goal to be accomplished.
2) Understand the present location, available resources, and abilities of everyone involved.
3) Plan periodical times of evaluation.
4) Keep morale at a premium level.
5) Acknowledge every minor, as well as, major accomplishment.

A few steps planned and taken methodically will help keep the overall progress of the group from taking steps in the wrong direction.

There is nothing wrong with taking a step back, but let us make sure we are taking more steps forward than we are backwards.

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