Need To Get Away

Everyone needs to get away once in a while. Southwest Airlines created humor to demonstrate the times people find themselves facing challenges and they want to get away.

There will always be challenging situations when leaders want to get away.

The question we need to consider in leadership is how should these situations be handled?

1) Get a good night’s sleep. Everything looks different with rest.
2) Take a look at the situation from another angle. Solutions are hard to find looking constantly through the same eyes.
3) Seek council with a trusted advisor. There will always be much wisdom in the council of many.
4) Identify all the possible solutions. Knowing all possibilities allows for better decisions.
5) Make a decision and move ahead with implementing it. If it is the wrong decision, then admit the mistake and change the direction.

We could get away. However, it does not generally resolve the situation, but it is an option.

Most situations can be resolved with a little patience and following a few simple steps. Remember others depend on our leadership.

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