I Just Want To Help People Get To Heaven…

A recent conversation with a friend turned to a discussion on leaving our mark on the world. The question is what do we want to others to remember about us and our achievements?

In leadership circles the idea is legacy. Legacy is not what someone is leaving to, but what they are leaving behind.

I cannot help but think we should just want to help people get to heaven. Our concern should not be about how people look at us, but how they see Jesus through us. Our concern should not be about what we are able to achieve, but how Christ will use us to His glory. Our concern should not be about being right, but helping other see what is right with God.

When helping people get to heaven becomes the focus of our lives, our whole approach changes.

We think before we speak. How will our words impact the lives of those who hear them?

We consider our actions. Will others see our actions as consistent to our claim as a Christian?

Helping people get to heaven must be the foundation of our spiritual leadership.

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  1. Rick says:

    The crux!

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