Wheel Of Fortune…

The “Wheel Of Fortune” is familiar to nearly every household. What is the fascination with solving a puzzle to win money?

Apart from the design and purpose of the show, there is a connection to leadership.

I am not referring to those who host or appear on the show. I am talking about the millions of people who watch night after night trying to figure out each puzzle.

There is a difference in solving puzzles from the recliner and solving them in front of an audience when the pressure is on. Have you ever thought or said “why did they spend money on a vowel when the answer is so obvious?” Or, “why can’t they figure it out?”

The similarities are true with leadership. It is one thing to criticize leadership’s decisions, or for not knowing the right answers. It is another to be in the battle when the pressure is greatest.

No spin of the wheel, roll of the dice, luck of the draw, or anything else makes the task easy. Respect belongs to those willing to take on the task of spiritual leadership.

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