The Clock Is Ticking…

Time goes by faster the older I get. I grew up hearing the “older generation” make this statement. It never made sense because time seemed to move so slowly. My birthday never came around quickly enough. Summer vacation would never get here. Turning sixteen and being able to drive, well, that was an eternity away.

I can safely say, as I near my 50th birthday, I am becoming the “older generation.” Wow! I cannot keep up with time. I open my eyes in the morning just in time to go to bed again.

The clock is ticking.

In reality, we all have the same amount time moving at the same speed. We were born into the realm of time and it is ticking.

Spiritual leadership should focus attention on the realm of no time and where the clock is not ticking.

We cannot comprehend with our finite minds the eternal realm. It is impossible! By faith we know it exists and at some point we will be ushered from the temporal to the eternal.

We must be ready and we need to influence others to be ready as well.

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