To Infinite And Beyond…

I love being a “papa.” Last week my wife and I were blessed to have three of our grandchildren around the house. I am sure you have figured out we watched “Toy Story.” Not just once, but at least 20 times (or so it seemed).

My three year old grandson, Malachi, loves this movie. He has many of the lines memorized. What I love is when he attempts to fly around the room saying “to infinite and beyond.”

As precious as it is to watch him, I cannot help but think about leadership.

The more we learn about spiritual leadership, the more our work is about the future.

What will the future be like for our children or grandchildren? What are we doing now to ensure the spiritual foundation for their future and ours?

Sadly, we often think about the future based on our time on earth. While this is important, we need to give serious thought to “infinite and beyond.”

Whether our life ends on earth or the Lord returns, there is a future where time and space cannot be measured. Let us be diligent to prepare for this future.

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