Motivating The Unmotivated…

We must first identify what we mean by “unmotivated?” What is not being done we want done?

We also need to ask a few simple questions.

1) Does the unmotivated know they are supposed to do these actions?
2) Do they know how to perform these actions as expected?
3) When was the last time they were reminded?
4) Are the reasons clear why these actions are important, necessary and valuable?
5) Are the guidelines clear of the consequences for not doing these actions?

People are motivated by self-interests. We all want respect. We want to contribute to the team. We desire friendship and social status. We need money and want job security. We must have love. We desire safety and wellbeing.

These are a few areas that motivate the actions of others. We should develop a strategy dealing with such matters. Answering a few questions, and learning to teach others “how” to get from point A to point B, is the first large step in getting the unmotivated motivated.

1 comment on “Motivating The Unmotivated…

  1. Rick says:

    As Ken Blanchard says, “What motivates people, motivates people!” Great job as usual! =)

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