Speaking The Same Language…

Each time I travel overseas, I am reminded of the challenges of communicating. Linguistics is not a strong suite for me. I struggle with trying to communicate in English. You can imagine the difficulty of listening to the multiplicity of languages around the world.

The key to communicating adequately is understanding. Obviously, understanding is unattainable when we are not speaking the same language.

However, the same can be true even when we speak the same language. It is not always easy to communicate in an understanding manner. The ability to communicate so others understand is vital to our leadership.

Goals must be communicated so everyone understands.
Plans for reaching the goals must also be communicated adequately.
Roles and responsibilities must be understood.
Above all, leading others to Christ demands communicating the message of the cross in ways others understand.

This is the power behind training men in their own language, in their own country, to preach the message to their own people. Extension training is making a difference. You can read more at our website.

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