Lessons From Lepers…

Intriguing title? Throughout the Bible we read about the dread of leprosy. It was contagious and often terminal in nature. Lepers lived outside the city in their own commune rejected by others.

However, we can learn several lessons from lepers. One particular situation involves four men. This is the “cliff notes” version. Read the whole story in 2 Kings 7.

Amidst a famine, these four lepers decided to go to the enemy. They figured death was eminent either way. Perhaps the enemy would have mercy. When they arrived at their camp, the enemy was gone. God caused the Arameans to hear the sound of an army and they fled, leaving everything.

The lepers began to enjoy the spoils, but then realized how wrong it was to do so while their people were dying. It was a day of good news. To remain silent was wrong and would result in punishment.

What a great lesson for us! This day is a day of good news. The message of Jesus is too great to remain silent. If we do, surely punishment should overtake us. THINK SOULS!

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