A Word To The Wise…

Does this thought make any sense to anyone? The wise should not be receiving the word, but rather the unwise. However, it would seem scripture teaches quite the opposite.

The Bible is filled with many contrasts. Few seem as prevalent as the contrast between the wise and foolish.

Solomon said the wise quickly receive instruction.

Paul instructs us to act as wise men not as unwise.

Jesus indicated the wise to be those who hear His words and act upon them. The foolish hear His words, but do not act upon them.

There should be much wisdom in leadership. This is even more true in spiritual leadership. Many are following and looking for someone to provide answers, to lead.

Leadership is not ours alone. Our leadership should be based on the direction we receive from the Lord.

A word to the wise should be a word from the wise and it would be wise to listen to the Lord.

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