Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it.” Marian Anderson

The world thinks of leadership as forcing others to do what leaders say. However, this quote reminds us leadership goes far beyond the world’s idea.

Spiritual leaders must consider the needs of others.

When leading someone to Christ, our efforts will never be successful if we attempt to force God’s word upon them. People must learn and understand the application of God’s word in their own lives. The idea of shoving it down people’s throats will not work, at least not Biblically.

We must also guard attempts to create undue guilt. Eloquent speakers often create guilt to get a response. Sadly, a response may come, but when the guilt no longer exists the next day, the motivation to change is no longer present.

We must understand the needs of others and lead in a Biblical manner to create an understanding of the need to change, teach how and why there should be a change and allow God’s word to work in a way to bring Biblical change.

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