Why Are You Afraid?

I have a fear of large dogs, especially aggressive ones. My list does not end with dogs. Talking to strangers, being unprepared (for anything), being responsible for others, etc., all bring fear.

Fear is common. The apostles demonstrated fear. The parents of a blind man were afraid of the religious leaders. Paul addressed the problem of fear when writing to Timothy.

Fear can cause one of two reactions. It can cause us to do things we would not normally do. It can prevent us from doing the things we should do.

There are a few key areas to help us overcome fear.

Know God. He gave us a spirit of love and power and discipline.
Believe in Christ. If Jesus endured such ill treatment for us, we can overcome our greatest fears for Him.
Study the book. The more we know of God’s word, the greater our confidence in fearful situations.
Fight the good fight. Paul knew the challenges of the work. He also knew he had to fight.

We can overcome fear with a few steps. Let us commit ourselves to overcome and lead with passion.

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