A Matter Of Growth…

God desires growth. He commands us to grow, expects us to grow and designed the church to grow.

Growth involves change and change is never easy. We tend to be resistant to change. We like the status quo and change makes us uncomfortable.

However, change is Biblical. Imagine the challenge before the Jews on Pentecost. For more than 1,500 years they followed the Law and now Peter instructs them to change.

As Christians we must continue to change. This change occurs with growth.

I am not one who likes learning areas of Biblical teaching requiring me to act differently. I am a routine kind of guy. I love getting up at the same time, participating in the same activities, and going to bed at the same time.

Talking to non-Christian family, neighbors or strangers about Jesus, preaching lessons on financial giving, marriage, divorce and remarriage, or reaching out to Christians who leave the church makes me uncomfortable.

If we do not do it…who will? If we do not lead by example…how will others know how to follow? If we do not change…how will the church grow?

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