The father of a good friend was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease. I have heard this word used on more than one occasion. It carries a negative connotation.

However, the word is used concerning more than just health. Having been in more than one airport, I hear about terminals everywhere I travel.

The word is also associated with the forming of transportation. If there was ever an accurate way to justify a “means to an end” this is it.

Death is imminent for all of us. We may prolong it, but we cannot escape the inevitable outcome. Because the outcome is certain, spiritual leadership must form the transportation so others can take the walkway to eternal life.

The greatness of God’s plan is seen in the resurrection.

Through the resurrection, Jesus overcame death and the power Satan held over death.

Through the resurrection, Jesus provided an avenue to give us hope.

Through the resurrection, Jesus, having been to the other side, came back to show us the way.

Sin delivers a terminal diagnosis. However, the resurrection of Jesus provides a terminal to overcome the diagnosis of sin.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Good post Bob. I liked the way you used both definitions of terminal together. Keep it up sir 🙂

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