Being ‘exclusive’ involves restriction or limitation. It is unique and one of a kind. To be exclusive is accepted in a number of worldly venues. However, when it comes to spiritual matters, being exclusive is not met with acceptance.

Our challenge involves the standard for the decisions of life.

If you or I were judging the eternal destination of each individual, what basis would we use to save someone? On what basis would we condemn them?

If we allowed only people we know who are good people, is this not exclusive?

When we really think about it, some level of exclusiveness is found in all of us. Is this fair?

Naturally, we want everyone to be saved, but not everyone will measure up. How can I say this? Because not everyone measures up now. If we save everyone, regardless of their actions, then what motive is there to measure up?

Why then would someone blame or reject God’s fairness for establishing an exclusive standard to determine salvation and condemnation?

Christianity is exclusive. Our leadership should follow suit.

There is only one way to heaven. Our leadership must lead others in that way.

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