Leadership Word Of The Week…Direction

Direction takes the form of several definitions. Primarily, it involves a course that must be taken to reach a destination. Application is made in giving instruction to be followed. As well, there is implication to having vision.

Certainly, leaders must be able to give and receive direction. We receive direction from the One true spiritual leader, Christ.

Direction, however, is connected to vision and our vision must be used to provide direction for others.

We must establish a plan to reach the goals as outlined by our vision.

Spiritual leaders provide spiritual direction. We must help others onto the course and encourage them to stay on the course.

Parents must lead in the home.

Congregational leaders must lead congregations.

All of us as Christians must lead the lost.

When we provide direction we assist others in reaching the destination our leadership is striving to help everyone reach…heaven. When we think about it, what direction is our leadership providing for others? Will it take them where they want to go or where they need to go?

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