Class “A” Workaholic…

Would you or I consider ourselves a class “A” workaholic? Depending on how we define the idea we might have to say yes.

I wonder, however, are we consumed with work because we find our value in the job, or are we passionate about our work because of the difference it makes in the lives of others?

Our personal value will never come from our job. Our value comes from God because we are created in His image and we are covered by the blood of His Son. This is the basis of our spiritual leadership.

Value based in work becomes an insatiable task.

Spiritually, if we are passionate for our job because of the value seen in leading others to a greater relationship with God, the perspective changes.

When we have intense desire and enthusiasm for the work of the Lord there is a sense of love and joy in fulfilling the true purpose of life. The impact changes our role in the family, church, and community. There we will find balance.

Spiritual leadership is worth being passionate about and loving.

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