When I Was Your Age…

Like most people, I grew up hearing something like; “son, when I was your age I used to…” The idea speaks of the past.

At times we view the past with great fondness. Do you remember the good ole’ days?

At other times we look to the past with regret over words or actions we cannot change.

Still, there are times when we look at the past with hope of greater opportunities for the future.

We cannot live in the past. As well, we cannot change it.

Our leadership is not about the past. It is about the future. Spiritual leadership is not about leading people where they have been, but where they need to go.

Paul knew the regret of words and actions of the past. He also knew he could not allow the past to dictate the direction of the future. Instead, he chose to focus on what lies ahead.

We, too, must remember the work of spiritual leadership. We must not allow the past to dictate our direction.

Acknowledge it. Learn from it. Leave it where it is.

We must be focused on the future. Think Souls.

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