Leadership Word Of The Week… Power

One of the key words in the Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth is ‘power.’ The primary idea is built on the ‘power of God.’ In fact, the letter begins with making this statement three times.

What is it about the word ‘power’ that appeals to the role of spiritual leadership?

Does it involve the realm of authority?
Is it having control?
Could it possibly be the role of making decisions?

Spiritually, the answer to these questions is simply NO!

The idea involves the ability to do something or act in a specific way, to direct and influence the behavior and course of others.

By ourselves, you and I do not possess this kind of power, at least not spiritually. Power is about God’s ability to direct and influence the behavior of others. It is about God’s power to change the lives of those who accept the abundance of God’s love, mercy and grace in humility and obedience.

The word of the cross is God’s power to save. It will save you and me. Can we share it with others? Think Souls.

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