Leadership Thought Of The Day…

Leadership is action, not position.  ~Donald H. McGannon

Seemingly short, but powerful in thought. It is only five simple words, yet the truth flows from this thought.

Leadership is commonly thought to involve being elevated to a position. However, the position did not make them a leader. They may have worn the title, but their leadership went no further.

My observation of others gained momentum when I began teaching a course on leadership. What is it about some people exemplifying leadership, while others do not seem to have it?

The answer is based in the quote above. It is about action!

The greatest leadership (God) is found in the greatest act (gave His only begotten Son) built in the greatest motive (so loved the world).

When the best interest of others is met by the action of spiritual leaders, leadership will not be about position.

Let the spiritual focus of our thoughts become words intended to edify others. Let the intent of our words be built on the foundation of our actions. Then true leadership will be seen.

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