A Student Of Two Worlds…

A leader must be a student. Leaders must study several areas. Spiritually, we must be students of two worlds.

We must know the world we live in physically. We need to know the challenges people face in this world. We need to know the struggles and trials. We need to know about national and international events.

Spiritual leadership involves leading others to Christ and ultimately to heaven. If we do not know the physical challenges of this world, it is hard to lead them to the next.

Therefore, we must also know the world we are living for spiritually. Because we have never been there, being a student in this realm is difficult. We must rely on the information God provides in His word. We must be a student of His word.

When we study the physical and spiritual realm, we will begin to see why scripture emphasizes the need for us to prepare ourselves now for then.

All we say and do now is building a foundation for the world to come. As spiritual leaders, our task involves helping others reach the same destination. Think Souls!

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