In It For The Long Haul…

We need short and long term goals. Plans should be developed with a vision of 50 years into the future.

However, problems can arise when we look 50 years ahead.

Initiating enthusiasm when looking at the big picture can be easy. Visualizing the overall accomplishment the first few weeks and months is exciting.

The problem is maintaining enthusiasm and motivation along the way.

We get discouraged when facing the day to day routine of the work. We struggle with a slower pace and not accomplishing enough quickly. We tend to lose sight of the overall goal.

The first time I heard about the “rule of elephants” I began to understand about reaching long term goals. The way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Accomplishing long term goals involves finding a way to break it down in short term goals where we can see progress more quickly.

With each step in accomplishing the short term goals, we are making strides at the long haul.

When we achieve success in smaller tasks, it easier to stay excited about being involved in reaching the long term goals.

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