I remember feeling misunderstood as a teenager. No one, especially my parents, seemed to understand me or how I felt.

Having raised three children who now have children of their own, I am sure they felt the same. Being misunderstood seems quite common, but for more than teenagers.

Employees are misunderstood by their employers.

Students are misunderstood by the school’s administration.

Citizens are misunderstood by governing authorities.

The list goes on, but I think you “understand” what I am saying.

Developing the ability to communicate where others understand is the necessity of leadership. Jesus asked on several occasions; “do you understand?”

However, being understood is based on the ability to understand others. How can we lead others to Christ if we do not understand their relationship to Him?

How can we assist the fallen back into fellowship if we do not understand where they need to be encouraged?

How is it possible to sharpen the focus of the faithful if we do not understand what they can or cannot see?

Instead of wondering why we are misunderstood, we must work harder at understanding others while leading them to heaven. Think Souls!

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