Leadership Word Of The Week… Purpose

Perhaps it is a simple question, but it is necessary in leadership; what is our purpose? Our influence on others may be good or bad, but we cannot effectively lead without purpose.

There must be a reason for our actions. We must have a sense of resolve and determination. We need purpose.

God had a purpose in sending Jesus.
Jesus had a purpose in laying His life.
The apostles had a purpose in their preaching.
The church has a purpose today.

What is our purpose, yours and mine, in our day to day existence?

Are we studying just to earn a grade? Are we working just to receive a check? Are we existing just to eat, sleep and watch a little television? What is our purpose?

Spiritual leadership has but one purpose. Our purpose is to lead others to heaven. The reason we strive to live a godly example is to fulfill our purpose. The reason we establish godly priorities is to fulfill our purpose.

It is the reason for our relationships with others. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more rewarding. Fulfilling our purpose makes the difference.

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