Face To Face…

Moses is the only person who was said to have a relationship with God that was ‘face to face, just as a man speaks to his friend.’

The phrase ‘face to face’ indicates a unique intimacy shared between the closest of friends.

It may never be said that God speaks to us face of face. However, it does not mean it is impossible for us to develop an intimate relationship with God as the closest of friends.

We should be reminded that Moses was far from perfect, but we can learn from his example in developing this type of relationship?

He desired to know God more than anything else.
He sought the favor of God through obedience.
He communicated with God daily.
He loved God’s people with an incredible intercessory love.
He led with a passion to fulfill God’s will.

It seems to me our own relationship with God should follow in similar footsteps. The New Testament teaches us to walk with our God based on parallel examples.

Spiritual leaders should not only desire this intimate relationship, but strive to achieve it.

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