Looking For Jesus…

A young girl, the daughter of a friend, was looking through one of her books when she was asked, ‘what are you doing?’ Her reply was simply; ‘I’m looking for Jesus, daddy.’

Throughout the New Testament we find occasions where people were looking for Jesus, but for totally different reasons.

Herod was looking for Jesus as an infant to put Him to death. The magi were looking for Him because they knew Him to be the King of Israel.

Throughout His ministry the Pharisees and Sadducees were looking for Jesus to trap Him, ultimately to put Him to death.

Multitudes looked to be fed and healed.

Before His trial and crucifixion, an angry mob. accompanied by soldiers being led by Judas, came looking for Jesus. The question Jesus asked; ‘whom do you seek?’

As leaders we need to consider who and what we are looking for. Even more so, we need to realize as leaders, others should be able to find what they are looking for through us. If they are looking for Jesus, will they find Him? This is what spiritual leadership is all about.

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