Leadership Word Of The Week…Persistence

Never give up. Do not quit. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Does this sound familiar? Whether it is school, work, exercise, family, friendship, or a relationship with God, the bottom-line is the same… be persistent.

Jesus talked about the need for persistence. We must never lose heart in our relationship with God.

Leadership must be built on the foundational stone of persistence.

Will there be times when we are discouraged?
Will followers see the negative and complain about the positive?
Will we have days when we feel it would be better to move on?
Will we want to quit?

The answer is yes to all of these questions and more. However, we must strive for persistence. Like a child who knows persistence will eventually be rewarded with a response, we also must recognize the need to be persistent in leading others to heaven.

This is not an easy path we have chosen, but it will be worth it.

There are times when the path of least resistance is tempting. Remember, this path makes rivers and men crooked.

Lead with persistence, even when it is difficult.

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