We know these initials stand for the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is an agency designed to investigate matters on a higher, political and more secure level. I am sure we will never know the depths of all the various areas of their involvement.

However, from a leadership perspective, the idea of CIA stands for something different. As we have mentioned in previous posts, nothing is more destructive to leadership than hypocrisy.

We must also consider that nothing is more convincing than consistency. This is why the leadership CIA is about Consistency In Action.

When leaders demonstrate consistency others have an example to follow.

The gospel of Matthew emphasizes the hypocrisy of the religious leaders of the day. Jesus addressed the problem on several occasions.

Their hypocrisy was seen in giving, prayer and fasting. Their worship was worthless. They were moving their lips in the right direction, but their heart was going another.

Jesus condemned these men because their teaching did not properly align with their actions.

If we could all join the CIA of spiritual leadership our influence would reach greater heights.

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