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It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.  – Babe Ruth

In my younger days, I dabbled in a little boxing one afternoon at school. My opponent was much smaller than me, both in height and weight. However, there was one quality I did not consider until we started the first round. No matter how many times I hit him, he kept coming back.

When I read the quote above, it reminded me of this failed attempt at boxing. I was also reminded of the quality we need as leaders.

We must not allow a larger and stronger opponent (whoever or whatever it may be) make us back down or quit.

Discouragement is almost certain. Signs may point to defeat.

However, this one thought should constantly keep us motivated in the good fight of faith. Satan is banking on us giving up, especially as leaders.

The only certainty of failure is if we quit. Remember, it is hard to beat a person who never gives up. Be strong and courageous.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Needed to hear this today Bob. Thanks for the encouragement. Love you brother and hope all is well with your travels.

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