The Power Of One…

Everyone is probably aware of the recent death of Steve Jobs. Nearly every newspaper, electronic media, along with every television news broadcast has covered his death.

He has been credited with saving Apple.
He is said to be the one who has shaped all of us.

It fascinates me the power one man had in changing the electronic / digital world in such a short time.

However, his death reminds us of the brevity of life, the certain outcome we all face, as well as the need to be prepared for something beyond the physical.

Numerous people have changed the history and direction of the world. However, none compare to the power of One man who changed the course of the physical and eternal realm.

He is the One we need to know. He is the One we must lead others to know.

While the accomplishments of Steve Jobs may leave an incredible legacy, he is still a man whose soul is now in the hands of the Creator.

I pray our leadership legacy will make a difference in the eternal outcome of others, not just the physical.

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