Leadership Word Of The Week…Values

Values is not a word to be thrown around lightly. It deserves far more than just lip-service.

We talk about values. We understand the need for values. We even categorize our values; personal, family, moral, and work.

What would we consider to be the “core” values of our life? What is it that makes up the core of who we are and we are unwilling to change? Honesty? Hard work?

What is our integrity worth?

However we answer these questions, we are faced with the necessity of recognizing our leadership must be based on our core values.

These values remain the constant of our life. They must be consistently seen in every area of our life.

God’s word must be the standard for determining our core values. Family, work, and community will all benefit from developing and living by our core values.

Our leadership will not grow beyond the level of the values we have established and live by as a leader.

Let us all make sure our values measure up to the right standard.

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