The Energizer Bunny?

A few years ago the Energizer battery company put together ads of an indestructible rabbit powered by Energizer batteries. Regardless of attempts to stop it, this rabbit kept on going and going and going…!

Perhaps the idea was a little embellished, but we certainly understood and remembered the message.

While our physical bodies are not going to last, our leadership influence will be remembered long after we are gone.

How do we want to be remembered? The answer to the question is more difficult to give than at first glance. The reason is because of the implications of our answer.

How we want to be remembered is how we need to be living…NOW!

We cannot think about someday making the changes necessary to be remembered differently.

We will not wake up one day having accidentally achieved an epitaph of an influential godly remembrance.

The way we want to be remembered is the way we must strive to live every day. It is the result of intentional and diligent effort.

Like the Energizer bunny, our influence keeps on going. The type of influence is determined by the choice we make.

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