Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Courage isn’t done for the sake of being practical. It’s chosen for its own sake. As soon as you make courage practical, you’ve stolen its humanity.” Peter Block

Courage is a subject with application for everyone. At some point or another, we are going to face various situations and decisions where courage will be needed.

They may be personal or professional. Be assured, they will be part of every facet of life.

However, the question is how do we develop the courage to face them? It would be powerful if a step by step process for developing courage existed, but there is not.

Will expressing our fears help develop courage? Potentially!
Does facing what we fear most really develop courage? Probably not!

Courage is rarely developed, but rather the choice of the moment. When challenging obstacles or decisions are faced we must choose in that moment to act with courage.

The ability to act consistently with courage is a defining mark of great leadership.

Knowing who are God is will enable us to develop the greatest courage.

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