Leadership Word Of The Week…Content

It has been said; “content makes poor men rich. Discontent makes rich men poor.” Read this statement again and give thought to the meaning. Contentment is challenging in a world continually offering more. We are bombarded by the thought of needing the newest, shiniest, fastest, and most powerful.

Will it ever end? What is needed for us to be content with what we have already? Paul understood the need to be content and the strength Christ provided to do so. He also reminded Timothy of the great gain achieved when godliness is accompanied by contentment.

The idea of contentment takes on a different meaning when thinking about our character and ability as leaders.

We must always be content with what we have, but never with who we are.

Leaders are constantly working to develop their abilities to lead.

As I travel and visit with men who serve in positions of leadership, the more I learn ways to improve my own abilities.

I am thankful to know men who are students of leadership and love talking about how we can grow in fulfilling this God given task.

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