Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“The higher one is in leadership, the more their work is about the future.” Hanz Finzel

We are all aware of the challenge of living in the present. We often struggle with getting past the “here and now.”

We must lead now, but our leadership is about the future. Our work is about working with others to reach the goal. We need to consider several questions.

Do we know where we are going? Maybe you are thinking, ‘duh.’ Do we really know? Unless we know where we are going can we get there?

What is our plan to reach the destination? A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. We cannot reach the destination unless we take that step. Each step needs to be part of the plan to reach our destination.

Are there resources available to help us? One of the most overlooked questions involves resources. If we do not know what resources are available we may not have enough to finish.

Have we assessed the abilities of everyone involved? Leaders need to know the abilities of everyone involved and use those abilities to reach the goal.

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