Constructive Criticism…

No one enjoys receiving criticism. Criticism is generally viewed as negative. The purpose seems to be more about putting someone in their place than trying to really help them improve.

Criticism should not be something viewed as bad. Criticism allows us a means to determine credibility and authenticity. We often use the terminology “constructive criticism.”

Criticism is designed to show both weak and strong points.

Criticism also helps us see ourselves the way others see us.

The challenge for spiritual leaders is learning how to give and receive criticism.

When giving criticism, leaders should always be straightforward and honest, but tactful.
Criticism should be accompanied by suggestions for improvement.
Criticism should only emphasize major or recurring faults, and never to get even or vent emotion.

Our biggest challenge is learning how to receive criticism.

Keep a record and review the criticism.
Always receive criticism gracefully. Be genuine.
Learn to ask questions.
Do not quit! Instead, accept criticism as a challenge to improve.

When leaders learn how to give and receive criticism, the result brings growth for leaders and followers.

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  1. David Malley says:

    Thanks for this great reminder and encouragement Bob! Keep it up brother!

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