Leadership Word Of The Week…Success

A Google search on success unfolds about 900,000,000 results. There is no doubt, success is one significant topic.

Material is available in every area; family, corporate, medical, technology, education, religion, and everything in between. We seem to be a world driven by the desire to be successful and leadership certainly relates to all of these categories.

The challenge involves defining success. What really determines success or failure?

Success in its most basic form is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is further identified as the attainment of popularity or profit.

While this definition is broad, it is also revealing. How often do we consider success only in the areas of “fame and fortune?”

In leadership, we need to remember what achieves true success.

Remaining true to our purpose and core values is success.
Learning from mistakes is success.
Seeing growth in a positive direction is success.
Adding members to the group is success.

Success must not be measured by a profit and loss column, at least not in spiritual leadership. True success is measured by God.

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