The Speed Of Trust…

I am reading a new book this week, The Speed of Trust, by Stephen M.R. Covey. I am just getting a good start on the book, but what I have read so far is awesome.

The basic principle of the book involves developing relationships where trust exists. By doing so, we speed up growth and development, as well as, lower costs.

It has been interesting to put myself in this position of making the applications to my own relationships. I have tried to examine those relationships where I trust someone and they trust me. As well, I have considered relationships where trust has been damaged.

When we trust someone, everything clearly runs more smoothly and quickly. However, when trust is not a part of the relationship, there are challenges to what is said and done by both sides.

One of our primary goals in leadership is to establish relationships built on trust.

Trust increases the amount of work accomplished.
Trust decreases the expenses of the overall task.
Trust builds comfort and confidence.
Trust changes everything.

I recommend reading the book. The picture will be much clearer.

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