One word, but this is not just any word, especially when it comes to leadership.

We might think of the objective as the goal, desired result, aim, or the end of the task.

However, the objective goes beyond the idea of a simple definition. The objective involves an opportunity to build a relationship of trust and achieve greater success.

What is the objective?
Is the objective clearly defined?
Has the objective been communicated to everyone on the team?

Along with the objective, leaders must clearly define the role of each individual involved in achieving the objective. The responsibilities and expectations must be written down. Each person must understand their role to achieve the objective.

The result should liberate team members to operate within the responsibilities and expectations to achieve the objective. The decisions of each individual are made with the specific purpose of the desired result.

Without clear communication of the objectives, responsibilities and expectations, suspicion is created. The motives of everyone involved are called into question. The result is distrust.

It may be one word, but the objective is a word that touches the whole of successful leadership.

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