Scheduled Update…

I am amazed at our dependency on Smartphones. I am also fascinated with the frequent updates required. It reminds of…

The speed of change. Technology is changing rapidly. Updates are required just to keep up with the necessary changes of the world.

Public demands. Anytime a new technological tool is released, the public puts it to the test. The internet provides forum for discussing the problems companies should fix. These demands become so wide spread, companies are forced to provide updates.

Competition. It would seem one company barely introduces a “new” product before numerous companies provide competitive products, seeking their share of the market. Everyone must bring their “A” game to provide the best.

The challenge in spiritual leadership is trying to lead people with this mindset. Our culture is about change, demanding problems be fixed…now, and we seem to compete with the ploys of Satan.

The task before us is not easy. We must be…

Wise as serpents, innocent as doves.
Diligent to present ourselves approved.
Ready to make a defense, always.
Faithful until death.

These are a few spiritual gb’s to help meet demands.

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