The Unexpected…

Have you ever made plans you were excited about? Have you worked hard preparing for that very moment of that day? Did you eagerly anticipate those plans?

Did something unexpected happen, only to prevent you from fulfilling your expectations?

Disappointment generally overshadows any joy we previously possessed. A few simple suggestions will help us be prepared when the unexpected occurs.

Expect the unexpected. We need to know there will be times when the unexpected comes along. If we are not prepared, it can knock us off our feet.

Never go it alone. When events of a severe nature occur, seek help from those who have traveled the path before.

Prepare a back up plan…always. Great potential does not always leave one prepared with an alternative course of action. The key is to prepare one. Have a back up ready!

Trust in a positive result. We may not see the good in every situation, at least, not presently. When we put it, and leave it, in God’s hands, good will result.

It can be a hard lesson, but when it is learned, rarely will we be “surprised.”

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