Leadership Thought Of The Day…

“Lead is a verb, leader is a noun, and leadership is both.” unknown

I have read so much lately, I am not sure where I specifically read this quote. I would love to give credit to the individual who came up with this thought, but I do not remember at this time.

I have to say though, I love it. What an incredible thought to consider in the area of leadership. The opposite is represented in the thoughts of hypocrisy; saying one thing, but doing another. Hypocrisy is a word and practice to be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Leadership involves both the person and action.
Leadership speaks to both who we are and what we do.
Leadership requires an effort to develop both man and method.
Leadership drives home the need of both personality and character.

We must keep in mind the development process of making great spiritual leaders. The constant dedication to the act of molding the ability to lead helps us all become the leadership of God.

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