What Price Are We Willing To Pay?

Perhaps you remember the old adage “there are no free lunches.” We are all aware of the rising cost of living. The problem is not limited to the United States. Increases are being felt by people all over the world.

Supply and demand seems to make quite a difference when determining the price we pay.
The sentimental value we assign an item also plays a part in determining the price we will pay.

Knowing the eternal significance of our role as leaders should move us to give serious consideration.

I am not talking about a monetary offering. This is not about writing a check, or slipping a Ben Franklin or two into someone’s hand.

I am talking about the price we are willing to pay, the sacrifice we are willing to make, the length we are willing to go, and obstacles we are willing to overcome just to lead someone to Christ.

The reward will be worth the price we are willing to pay.
The question is simple: are we willing to pay it? Think Souls!

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