Over the past 20 years of my ministry I have considered the idea of being approachable. I have witnessed fear in approaching leadership.

One characteristic leaders must possess is approachability. How can we create an atmosphere where people are comfortable with approaching the leadership?

Let me share a few tips I have learned from approachable leaders.

Close the laptop. I learned this from the current president of the Bible Institute.  Every time I stop by his office to visit, even for a few minutes, he closes the lid on his laptop and gives me 100% of his attention.

Make good eye contact. Looking others in the eye demonstrates interest. We are engaged. If we constantly look down, at someone else, or seem distracted, we demonstrate the opposite.

Watch the body language. We do not realize how much we communicate through nonverbal language. Learn to smile. Greet others kindly and warmly. Body language expressing inconvenience, communicates “unapproachable!”

Developing a shepherding heart, seeing people as God sees them, and guarding against pride are internal ways of developing the right qualities in our leadership to be approachable.

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