Do We Have A Clear Vision Of God?

This question is about more than just “seeing” God. What exactly is involved? Consider a little background before answering.

We must consider where we have been. Considering 2011, the road we have traveled is now history. What mistakes have we made? What success have we seen? Who and what were involved in both? Did we learn anything? Was God part of the equation?

We must also consider where we are right now. Often times we look backwards, and then forwards, without giving thought to our present surroundings. Is this place where we need to be at this time? Will this place provide us the basis for where we need to go? From where I am now, is God part of the equation?

Once we consider where we have been and determine where we are, we can begin formulating the right plans on where we plan to go from here.

With a clear vision of God, His part in our past and present, we can see more clearly where to go from here.

If God is not part of the equation, we do not have a clear vision!

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  1. Excellent thoughts as another year is on the horizon!

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